Different Kinds of Bean Bag Fabrics

Bean bags can be categorized based on the materials they are composed of. All those materials require to be up to scratch especially the fire safety guidelines. We have tried and tested several types of different fabric materials and have cherry-picked the best materials for bean bag chairs , which offer more flexibility or support.

Below is a list of the bean bag chairs that are ideal for people looking for more stability, flexibility and other qualities. 

Faux Leather Bean Bags

The bean bags are made of PVC that creates a leather effect without the astronomical cost of leather burning a hole in your pocket. The faux leather is ideal for people who crave softness and a leathery feel to the fabric that makes you think it is real leather.   

Faux Suede Bean Bags

These bean bags are very soft, warm and lifelike. They are composed of 100% Polyester that feels just like suede; it feels as though you are in contact with the real thing. Faux suede is the most preferred material for re-upholstery because it is so close to the real thing. It offers the advantage of being very easy to clean and maintain. Real suede requires lot of care and it is very expensive compared to faux suede. 

Outdoor Bean Bags

These are made of 100% Polyester and are water resistant. One added advantage of this material is that it is straightforward to wipe clean. If you are looking to get more creative with the bean bag design, you have a wide array of colors to choose from. You can use them virtually anywhere; from kids rooms to the outdoor patio or garden. Its structure is firmer when compared to other bean bags, making it the best choice for those looking for a bean bag that retains its shape. Although they are durable, you still need to take care of them and as such, you should store them indoors when you are not using them. 

Cotton Bean Bags

These are made of 100% cotton. In terms of design, it comes with a wide choice of colors and fabrics that you can get creative with.