Do not Buy Phen375 until you read this!

There is so much of news and hype about Phen375 in internet and TV lately. Many users are not sure whether Phen375 really works or it is a scam. I have been asked by my readers for quite sometime to document a detailed review of Phen375. I have created this website to document my experiences with Phen375.

Like I always do, the best way to review a product is to use it and see how effective it really is. So I purchased Phen375 online and buying Phen375 was hassle free. I didnt read any reviews before trying the product, since I dont want to be influenced by any positive or negative reviews.

In case, if you have landed in this site from my main site and have not heard of Phen375 yet, Phen375 is one of the leading weight loss product available over the counter and online without prescription.

Here is what the makers of Phen375 claim:- Increased metabolism rate which will burn the fat much faster- Better Stamina- Suppressed Appetite- Weight loss up to 20 pounds per month easily!

Without further adieu here is my observation:

End of Week 1: I was taking one pill in the morning before breakfast. Absolutely, no change in my diet and lifestyle. Unlike other products which I have tried previously, I didt have any side effects yet which is a great feeling. I had less appetite than my usual appetite, but I was consciously taking high calorie food and soda. Its a conscious decision not to follow the diet plan recommended by Phen375 makers. For the first 2 days, there was no change in my weight. I was little bit disappointed. But by the end of week 1, I have lost almost a pound. Not bad, but I need it to give it another few weeks time to see if Phen375 really works.

I am planning to be on recommended diet plan from next week. There are recommended diet plans customized for active and non-active male and female. There is also a fast weight reduction diet plan. I am planning to stick with Male Non-

Active diet plan.

End of Week 2: After seeing all the responses and hype about Phen375 in my main blog, my girl friend Carley also gave it a shot. It got interesting this week as we both are on diet and it becomes easy to follow. She had slight dizziness for couple of hours after taking the pill on day 1. But she hasnt experienced any problems after that. Carley has a strong will power and she has managed her cravings. Too bad on my end, I had strong cravings for Steak, especially roasted steak and I did yield to my cravings not just once or twice, but three days in a row! Carley has lost almost 3 lbs by end of a week, but she was strictly on Female Active Diet Plan, she did hit the gym couple of times this week. Sweet lord, that was a lot of weight reduction! I have lost about 2 pounds, inspite of skipping the diet plan for 3 days. I must say I have started liking this product. Carley is 5 5 and she is 128 lbs now. She might probably stop taking the pills once she hits 120 lbs. I am 511 and I weigh 202 lbs by end of week 2.

End of Week 3: We were taking 2 pills a day on week 2 and continued to take 2 pills a day in week 3 as well. The weight loss for both of us was almost consistent. I hit the gym couple of times this week and burnt about 200 calories , but personally I dont think that had any impact in my weight loss. At the end of week 3, Carley has lost 2 lbs and I have lost another 2 lbs. The weight loss has been consistent for me. Carley is 126 lbs and I am 200 lbs now.

End of Week 4: Carley lost 6 pounds this week! For some reason I found, Phen375 works faster and more effective for Carley than I. I have lost 1.5 pounds this week. Not bad, I like how I am able to lose 1-2 pounds a week consistently. As planned, Carley has decided to stop taking the pills next week (week 5). She just loves how she is able to shed almost 11 pounds in 3 weeks. I have decided to continue taking Phen375 for another 1 week.

End of Week 5: My motivation to lose more was higher this week. At the beginning of week, I targeted to shed at least 3 pounds this week. I didnt change the diet plan. I was continuing with the same Weight loss for Non-active Men diet plan, taking two pills every day. I lost a little over 2 pounds.

My Recommendations and observations using Phen375:- At the end of 5 weeks, I have lost 8.5 pounds- My girl friend Carley lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks- Phen375 is more effective for some people. Nevertheless are consistent and will work for anybody. Even if you dont follow their diet regimen.